Below are the main "Edusulting" programs Decision Mind Inc. offers.
Programs are often selected to form Phase 1 of Decision Lab.
  • 1)Decision Management Basics (DMB)
This program aims to develop an understanding of the basic mindset, concepts, and tools of Decision Management, which is a practical methodology and approach to strategic management, through lecture and exercise. Equipped with this awareness, participants will be able to integrate their knowledge of marketing, finance, and strategic management, which had heretofore seemed disjointed, as well as gain practical strategic skills that will enable them to create business value.
  • 2 days (lecture and exercise)
  • 3 days (lecture and exercise + group work applying DM to real-life issues)
Junior Staff to Director level
Programs are often selected to form Phase 1 of Decision Lab.
  • 2)Decision-driven Leadership:
    a decision-making mindset and spirit
The usefulness of Decision Management is maximized by not only understanding its tools and concepts, but also sharing its common "spirit" with colleagues. This program aims to build/reinvigorate the participant's entrepreneurial mindset and perspective by developing an understanding of the spirit behind Decision Management through keywords gained from real cases of strategy development.
  • 1 day (key concepts)
  • 2 days (key concepts + DM tools)
Senior Staff & Managers to Directors
  • 3)Decision-driven Innovation
This program aims to equip the participant with practical methods for transforming an organization from a "technology creator" to a "business creator." The program will utilize keywords gained through real cases of strategy development. Through the keywords, we aim to transform the pure engineer's mindset and perspective into those of a business leader with an understanding of engineering.
  • 1 day (key concepts)
  • 2 days (key concepts + DM tools)
Senior Engineers & Managerial Engineers to Directors
  • 4)Strategic Agenda-setting
A "strategic agenda" is a list of strategic issues that a business should tackle in the next 2-3 years, taking into account the uncertainties that lie in the future. Through the program, participants will formulate a strategic agenda that will form the basis for determining a concrete plan for the allocation of business resources. The program aims not only to teach skills, but also to shift the mindset of a "competent subordinate" into that of a "decision-maker" by tackling the formulation of a strategic agenda, which is the most important and challenging job for a top-level manager. 2 days Directors to Candidates for an Executive Position
Programs are often selected to form Phase 1 of Decision Lab.
  • 5)DM-based Quantitative Analysis Exercise
Targeted to those who have completed the DMB program.
In this program, the participant will undertake quantitative analysis of strategy alternatives set during the case exercise in the DMB program. The program will strengthen the capacity to think strategically through hands-on exercises including the creation of spreadsheet models, profitability-driver analysis, risk-driver analysis, and proposal development.
2 days Senior Staff & Managers to Directors
  • 6)Introduction to Strategic Decision-making
The program prepares the participant to learn the specifics of the Decision Making methodology by introducing the basic ways of thinking about decision-making through lecture, sample cases, and group work on "logical life counseling." 1-2 days Junior Staff to Managers
  • 7)Practical Leadership and
    Decision-making for Executives
This program aims to instill the mindset of a hands-on leader by fostering an understanding of practical leadership in managing an organization and business reform by introducing practical DM-based steps and key points. 1 day Directors to Top Management
  • 8)Decision Clinic
Targeted to those who have completed the DMB program.
The clinic offers business coaching to those who are using DM methods to tackle real-life issues facing their business. The clinic will aid the participant in indentifying how to proceed through guidance from the decision advisor and peer participants.
1-2 days
(can be offered as a single session or regularly)
Junior Staff to Directors
※ Programs are often selected to form Phase 1 of Decision Lab. Starred programs are often selected to form Phase 1 of Decision Lab.
※ While the above is a list of our most popular programs, we customize each program to the client's needs. Please contact us for more information.