【Maximizing Potential】Through training programs, Decision Mind improves your decision-making.

Founding Mission

"Decision Mind" - a mindset & willingness to shape the future
We live in an age in which a business's success or failure is determined by its ability to make strategic decisions. The key to success lies in "Decision-driven" leadership and management. Decision Mind Inc. assists businesses and businesspersons who recognize the value of this concept by helping improve their decision-making and strategic skills through a service it calls Edusulting (Education + Consulting).

Edusulting is a neologism coined by Kunio Komoriya, President of Decision Mind Inc., to refer to the service he designed to meet the needs and areas which had hitherto fallen through the crack between traditional corporate training and large-scale projects provided by consulting firms.

About the President

Kunio Komoriya
Decision Advisor
President of Decision Mind Inc.

Kunio's primary mission today is to support corporations and businesspersons enhance their strategic and decision-making skills through his "Edusulting" work. He also seeks to foster the permeation of the "Decision Mind" (decision-making mind) by regularly lecturing at Stanford University, Keio University, Ritsumeikan University, Aoyama Gakuin University, and Fukui Prefectural University, among others. In addition, Kunio has extended his work beyond the private sector, including serving as Special Advisor to the governor of Osaka Prefecture (2010-2011).

Prior to establishing Decision Mind Inc., Kunio served as Vice President of A.T. Kearney, handling a broad range of management issues.

Before joining A.T.Kearney, he was based in the United States as Partner and Head of Japan Practice of Strategic Decisions Group (SDG), a consulting firm headquartered in the Silicon Valley and established by Professor Ronald A. Howard of Stanford University. During this time, Kunio provided consultation to corporations across Japan, the United States, and Europe, focusing on strategic management and decision-making, including such areas as business development, R&D management, and growth strategy based on the decision-making methodology that originated from Stanford University.

Prior to SDG, Kunio worked for the Tokyo office of McKinsey & Company as Engagement Manager/Director of Research, providing consultation on the development of corporate vision and company-wide organizational reform.
Kunio began his career at Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation as an R&D Engineer, developing new products and new production processes for the company.

Kunio received an MS in Engineering-Economic Systems from Stanford University, where he studied decision-making methodology under Professor Ronald A. Howard. Kunio received his ME and BE in Chemical Engineering from the University of Tokyo.

Kunio is the author of five books: Strategic Decisions, Theory and Methodologies for Corporate Decisions, Decision-making for Select and Focus, Jukudan Shikou: Deliberate and Resolute Decisions, and Rikei no Tsutaekata (Communicating with a Scientific Mind). He is also a frequent contributor to periodicals such as Diamond Harvard Business Review, Research and Development, and Weekly Toyo Keizai (Eastern Economic Weekly).
Track Record

Some of the Industries We've Served
Decision Mind Inc. has provided services to a broad range of industries: electrical and electronic equipment and parts, IT, telecommunication, automobiles, heavy electric machinery, precision instruments, chemicals, cosmetics, ceramics, food, pharmaceuticals, steel, metals, machinery, office equipment, utilities, trading, construction, finance, distribution, transport, and retail.

While a majority of businesses we serve are major Japanese corporations, we also provide services to foreign-capitalized corporations, leading middle-scale corporations, and ventures.

To date, we have served over 120 companies and provided training to over 10,000 participants including those outside of Japan.

Company A - Electrical/Electronics Industry
We implemented a Decision Lab Program geared separately toward the director class and the management class for over 10-odd years, training over 1,000 employees.

Through this sustained approach, Decision Management (DM) has become the company's common language in discussing important strategic issues, including for the top executives.

The company has seen many successful cases in recent years of building win/win relationships with its customers as a result of graduates of the program employing DM when formulating proposals to their customers.

Company B - Precision Instrument Industry
To help Company B achieve its goal of "developing the next generation of executives," we have been implementing a Decision Lab Program for over 6 years. The program has borne many fruits for the company, such as proposals developed during the lab being put into actual practice and graduates of the program applying the skills they've learned to strategic issues they now face.

Company B aims to build up its strategic and organizational capacity by making Decision Management (DM) a common language throughout the company. Seeing the successful effect of the training on this select group, the company chose to provide DM training company-wide.

Company C - Heavy Electrics Manufacturer
We have assisted the company for over 10 years to develop "engineers who understand management & managers who understand engineering." For Company C, we created three sets of programs each designed to provide the most appropriate Edusulting for three levels of employees- directors, managers, and associates.

As a company whose customers are mostly corporate, much of its work has traditionally been those in which the customer specifies the performance, quality and price. This had led to a poor awareness of the necessity to determine a client's unvoiced needs and wants.

Through our program, the company has transformed into one in which the employees' buzzword for business proposals is now, "what is the customer's NPV (Net Present Value of cashflow)?" - it has become common practice for them to consider how much profit their customer stands to gain by using the products and services Company C provides.

Company D - Raw Materials Industry
As a part of Company D's program to develop global leaders, we implemented a Decision Lab geared toward a select group of directors and managers from Japan, the United States, and Europe.

As participants of differing backgrounds and mother tongues worked together to tackle significant strategic issues posed by senior management, Decision Management was utilized effectively, becoming their second common language in addition to English. As a result, the participants' final proposals were appraised highly by senior management.
The broad range of Decision Mind Inc.'s clients testifies to the fact that there are practically no businesses which can afford to remain indifferent to strategic decision-making. For many companies, Decision Management has become an indispensable common language, functioning as the driving force for strategic organizational capacity building.

Company Name Decision Mind Inc.
Address 1-5-2 Nihonbashi Kakigaracho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-0014, Japan
Phone +81 (0)3 3668-4833
President Kunio Komoriya
Core Enterprise
  • Providing corporate training based on the "Edusulting" (Education + Consulting) approach
  • Consulting work on business development, R&D management , growth strategy, decision-making on large-scale investment

Theory and Methodologies for Corporate Decisions
Diamond Inc.

This book aims to support those who seek to maximize business value by providing comprehensive instruction on the skills and mindset necessary for successful decision-making.

Decision-making for Select and Focus
Toyo Keizai, Inc.

This is a practical text for making strategic decisions. As a specialized business text intended for professionals, the book presents and analyzes business cases of re-formulating business portfolios.


Jukudan Shikou: Deliberate and Resolute Decisions
CrossMedia Publishing Inc.

Having studied decision-making methodology at Stanford University and engaged in finding solutions to a wide range of problems during his time with McKinsey & Company, the author developed "Jukudan Shiko (deliberate and resolute decisions)," a decision-making technique that yields maximum results at minimal risk. The approach can become a lifelong asset that can be used to proactively develop your business, even in an uncertain world.

The work has been translated and published in Korea and Taiwan.


Rikei no Tsutaekata (Communicating with a Scientific Mind)
Kizuna Publishing

This book offers practical techniques to successfully "communicate with a scientific mind," based on a logical and scientific way of thinking. The reader will be equipped with tools that can be directly applied to real life situations.