【Maximizing Potential】Through training programs, Decision Mind improves your decision-making.

We provide services based on the Edusulting approach, which was designed to meet the needs and areas which had not been adequately met by the traditional approach to corporate training.

In Edusulting, it's not the consultant who leads in coming up with a solution. It equips the client employees with the necessary skills so that they themselves can generate strategy and make far-sighted decisions based on their own assessment and analysis of the situation. They can then apply these skills to the real life issues they are facing.

The strategic issues covered in Edusulting encompass a very wide range: innovation management (business development, product development, R&D strategy & management), growth strategy, decision-making on large-scale investment, global strategy, business portfolio strategy, etc.
Decision Lab - A Program that Strengthens Decision-making Capability
Japanese corporations are very adept at operation management, but tend to be saddled with
3 major weaknesses in their strategic management.

1.  Lack of innovativeness and creativity in their strategy
2.  Insufficient concreteness in their strategy
3.  Lack of "passion"

List of Programs We Offer Decision Lab is a comprehensive program designed to overcome these three flaws based on the archetypal form of the Edusulting approach. The program will equip participants with the practical methods and help them discover the passion that will enable them to conquer these weaknesses; it will strengthen the quality of their decision-making and improve the probability of successfully creating great value for their business.
Overall Flow of Decision Lab
What Will You Get Out of the Program?

  • 1.  Significant enhancement in your ability to identify the strategic issues facing your business, organization, or department.
  • 2.  The strategy-development skill that will enable you to formulate practical solutions to each of the strategic issues.
  • 3.  Significant improvement in business performance through the implementation of the solutions formulated above
  • 4.  As a longer term benefit- the building of strategic organizational capability that encompasses top, senior, and middle managers who share the above approach.
Decision Mind Inc. offers a wide variety of programs in addition to the Decision Lab program. To see some examples of the various programs we offer and their syllabuses, please click on the List of Programs We Offer button above. For further information, please don't hesitate to contact Decision Mind Inc.